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job: free your RStudio console

An R package that allows the user to run code chunks as RStudio jobs. The console is then free to continue working, enabling an uninterrupted coding experience.

mcp: Bayesian Inference of Multiple Change Points

An R package that brings great flexibility to the estimation of change points between Generalized Linear Segments. Extensive documentation and worked examples are available on the website.

Common statistical tests are linear models (or: how to teach stats)

Demonstrates that almost all of the stats 101 tests are special cases of (simple) linear models, including “non-parametric” tests to some approximation. To establish this, I simulated the rank-correspondence between parametric tests and non-parametric equivalents:

Utility Theory for Dummies

A simple and scalable three-step procedure to apply utility theory to regression.

Reaction Time Distributions: An Interactive Overview

A cheat sheet and a bunch of shiny applets to show various reaction-time friendly distributions and how to fit them using brms. I installed a Shiny server on Google Cloud to get it running.