job 0.3.0 2021-06-04

First release submitted to CRAN.

New features:

job 0.2.0 Unreleased

New features:

  • RStudio addins (#6)! Read more in the README.
  • Use import = "auto" to import all objects that are “mentioned” in the code. The default import = "all" replaces import = ls().
  • The job title now includes a code snippet for unnamed chunks instead of defaulting to "(untitled)".
  • job::job() now takes unnamed arguments too, e.g., job::job({<code>}, NULL, c("rstudioapi")). (#25)
  • Added job::empty() which is short for job::job({<code>}, import = NULL, packages = NULL, opts = NULL) (#23)

Bug fixes

  • RStudio-specific options caused errors - mostly on macs (#4, #7, #10, #27)
  • The addins can now handle apostrophes in the job title.

Other changes

  • Unnamed chunks returns contents to global environment instead of returning nothing. .call is not saved in this case. (#9)
  • Peak memory usage has been considerably reduced.
  • The digest package was added as a dependency to support export("changed").
  • Transitioned to testthat for unit tests and expanded the test suite considerably. (#26)

job 0.1.0 Unreleased

Beta release.